This Goats Milk Soap is Fabulous!

by Sue
(East of the Mississippi)

I've never even heard of homemade Goats Milk Soap before! In a word it is fabulous and worth every penny.

The goat milk soaps I ordered have a deliciously light, fresh fragrance. For someone who has experienced an increased sensitivity to scents as I've gotten older, I was delighted that the lingering scent on my skin is a perfectly faint fresh and clean aroma that lasts all day. (Honest, I've gotten to the point that when my sons forget and put on after shave my eyes start to water, my throat gets scratchy and dry, and at times I can even become quite nauseous!)

Anyways, my husband promptly kidnapped the lime goats milk soap with the avocado oil for himself, leaving me with the rest of the wonderful assortment.

The soaps leaves our skin silky soft rather than that dry, kind of itchy feel that regular soaps leave behind. The bar of goat milk soap is quite dense and I expect it will last almost forever too!

As an anti-aging skin care instructor, I don't often find myself getting excited about a new product, but this one tops my list for a new and wonderful find for all skin types at any age.

Thanks Maria for offering such a great alternative to over-the-counter so called "organic" soaps. Your goats milk soaps beats any other natural product out there hands down!

My Best,
Skin Care Resource Center
Author of Naturally Skinsational Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes

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