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Owning a milk pasteurizer can really simplify your life if you pasteurize milk on a daily or otherwise regular basis. With a pasteurizer, you don't have to worry about monitoring time and temperature, or constantly stirring to keep the heat distributed evenly.

The Saf-Gard Press-Vac is the most popular home pasteurizer on the market. It handles two gallons of milk at a time, and uses pressurized heating and vacuum-sealed cooling to produce great-tasting milk.

A buzzer alerts you when pasteurization is complete, and an auto-shutoff feature means you don't have to worry about overprocessed milk.

A pasteurizer is an investment &mdash though not inexpensive, it can save you time and money in producing milk that you know is safe for drinking and making soft cheeses.

A fantastic place to find a pasteurizer is on Ebay. Ebay normally has several listings for both new and used pasteurizers.

Below you'll find the current real-time auction listings for Saf-Gard pasteurizers. Put in your bid today, and get a great deal on the easiest way to make your milk safe!
If you want to see more Ebay listings, just type a term in the search bar at the top of the listings window, and hit "Search." This will take you to the search results page on Ebay's site, where you can continue your shopping.

Note: If there aren't any current listings on Ebay, you may want to search for pasteurizer suppliers by using the custom Google search bar below. Just type your search term, such as "home pasteurizers" into the box, and hit "Search." The results will be displayed in another window.

Articles are updated frequently, so check back here for any new recommendations for buying a pasteurizer!

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