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A quality milk bucket is one of the most important, yet affordable, items for your home milk processing needs. Ideally, it should be seamless, and made from stainless steel. This combination provides the best possibility for sanitation, as well as durability. You'll also want to be sure the handles are made securely, so you don't spill the milk when one end comes off!

A milk pail that includes a lid is a definite plus, as the lid will keep debris out of the milk after and between milkings. It also transforms the pail into a storage container for the milk, or even for other food and drink!

It's helpful to have at least two sizes &mdash a smaller one that's good for holding the milk for one to a few does, and a larger one for collecting multiple, smaller batches of milk.

Milk pails are great for holding milk for pasteurization, also. If you have two, you can pour the raw milk from your collection pail through a strainer into the second pail. Then, the second pail can be used in a canner or large stove-top pot with water for pasteurizing.

If you're hesitant to invest in a good quality stainless bucket, don't be. In addition to holding milk, they are also very useful additions to the kitchen. They can be used for mixing large recipes or holding liquids like soup or drink. There's nothing like a "down-home" dinner party with stew served in a milk pail!

A stainless bucket will also ensure you have the best tasting milk, since it is easily sanitized.

Ebay generally has a nice selection of milk pails with and without lids. Check out the real-time auction listings below. Just click on any item you like, and you'll be able to read more details, as well as place a bid (or "Buy It Now").

Articles are updated frequently, so check back here for any new recommendations for finding a milk pail!

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