Labneh Yogurt Cheese

Molded Labneh Yogurt Cheese on Plate

Labneh, or yogurt cheese, is a soft cheese made from draining the whey from yogurt. You won't find this cheese in the grocery cooler, but it's easily made at home. See How to Make Yogurt Cheese for details.

Believed to have originated in Lebanon, yogurt cheese has a very smooth consistency much like cream cheese, but with the distinctive tangy taste of yogurt. It can be made from flavored yogurt, as well as plain.

Besides being delicious, yogurt cheese is high in calcium and great for those who are lactose intolerant, as the yogurt-making process converts the lactose in the milk into lactic acid.

Yogurt cheese is extremely versatile and can be used to add a nice zip of flavor to virtually any recipe in which cream cheese is used. (I rarely get to use it in recipes, because my family devours it as soon as it's discovered in the fridge!)

Once you make it, you probably won't have any problems coming up with your own original serving ideas that suit your tastes, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Traditional--Serve covered in olive oil with crushed mint and black olives. Eat on toasted pita.
  • As a spread--Mix with diced pimientos and/or black olives and spread in celery sticks, or use as a filling for finger sandwiches.
  • Cookie companion--The tartness of plain labneh complements sweets well--spread a thin layer on sugar cookies or gingersnaps.
  • Crackers and cheese--Mix with fresh herbs and serve on crackers.
  • Breakfast toast--Spread on toast and top with a thin layer of jam.
  • As a dip--Combine with taco seasoning or ranch dressing mix to create a dip for vegetables or chips.

Homemade yogurt cheese is sure to make a hit with your family or at your next social gathering, so why not get started today?

Check out How to Make Yogurt Cheese, and get ready for those compliments!

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