I'm hooked on these products!

by Juanita
(Carriere, MS)

When I started using the goat milk soap to wash my face, I worried if it would dry my face like other soaps and even other well known facial products. I am very happy to share that not only has this soap not dried my skin, but along with cleaning and hydrating it, it has cleared my adult acne.

The scrub is so rejuvenating and I only have to use it once a week on my face but I also use it on my elbows and heels, talk about saving money on pedicures!

Ok, now to talk about the lotion, I am so hooked on this, I LOVE IT!!!! It is gentle enough to use on my face even under my eyes, which I use morning and night. If I could get a tub of this to just dip myself into everyday I would be one happy & very soft woman.

I work in pediatrics and have recommended this to many parents that have children with eczema. The all natural and fragrance free products are a wonderful item due to some patients having such raw skin, that even the over the counter lotions we usually recommend burn. I know this because my son has eczema, and it gets really bad on his face around his mouth, I have used the lotion on him and he has not been red and irritated in quite some time now.

Please do not stop making these products because they are wonderful!!

Thanks, my family and I are true fans and supporters and pray for your business to prosper.

God Bless,

Editorial Note: The scrub and lotion referenced are not yet listed on the internet. Until then, use the contact form for inquiries about these goat milk products.

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