How to Make Sour Cream

Instructions for how to make sour cream couldn't get much simpler! If you've been wanting to experiment with homemade cultured milk products, this is a good one to try.

Only two ingredients, and 24 hours later you'll be enjoying delicious, homemade sour cream for your baked potato, soups and casseroles, or other dishes.

To make sour cream, you'll need:

  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 Tbsp. cultured buttermilk

Warm the cream to approximately 75° F. Add the buttermilk, and stir to mix thoroughly. Cover, and leave at room temperature for about 24 hours. Transfer to a storage container, refrigerate and serve. The sour cream will thicken as it cools.
Making sour cream with buttermilk

Homemade sour cream in bowl

If you'd like a heavier texture, you can experiment by using a higher ratio of buttermilk to cream.

I've also made sour cream using 2 Tbsp. of freshly made kefir with 1 cup of cream. Leave at room temperature for 24 hours, then refrigerate. This makes a wonderfully thick and silky smooth product that is slightly sweeter than that made with buttermilk.

Homemade sour cream from kefir

Make Buttermilk or Sour Cream at Home

An alternative to using a store-bought buttermilk "mother" culture is to use a direct set culture like this one from Cultures for Health.

In addition to sour cream, or "Crème Fraiche," this mesophilic culture can also be used to make bulltermilk and cultured butter.

By using whole milk instead of cream in any of the above methods, you can get the sour cream taste in a thinner version that is especially good for making cream-based soups.

Now, you see why making sour cream is high on the list of "easy-but-delicious things to do"!

Articles are updated frequently, so check back here for any new information on how to make sour cream!

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