Goat Milk Recipes

These delicious, original goat milk recipes with illustrated directions will help you create a truly special dish. Whether it's cajeta, goat milk fudge, flan or other, you'll love these recipes!

When looking for goat milk recipes, the first thing to remember is that goat milk is, well...milk.

Goat milk in glass pitcher

So, if you're new to goat milk and wondering what to do with that gallon or so in your refrigerator, start by asking yourself, "What would I do if it were cow's milk?"

Pour it on cereal, make puddings, sauces, cakes or hot chocolate, or drink it plain.

Goat milk can be used in any way you would traditionally use cow's milk.

If that's the case, you may be thinking, "Then what's the big deal about having recipes dedicated to goat milk?".

Recipes that traditionally call for goat milk are those that have benefited from the several properties of goat milk that do differentiate it in taste and texture from cow's milk. Used cold, properly processed goat milk is practically indistinguishable in taste from cow's milk.

When heated or otherwise processed (as for cheese), however, the three "goat" fatty acids lend an undeniable tang to food. Some people have an immediate liking for the flavor of goat milk products, while for others, it is an acquired taste.

Goats milk recipes are traditionally associated with desserts. This is because the more even distribution of the smaller fat molecules in goat milk gives a creamy smoothness to all foods made from it. This difference in texture is even evident from drinking the milk by itself.

So, ice cream, fudges and other sweets that are known for that "melt-in-your-mouth" feel all benefit from the extra rich smoothness of goat milk.

However, all recipes can benefit from the nutritional benefits of goat milk! To learn more, read Goat Milk Nutrition Facts.

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Choose Your Milk

Recipes that require cooking the milk, either on top of the stove, or by baking with other ingredients, are a good way to use that canned goat milk you made during milking season.

Canned milk has a slightly cooked taste to it, which makes it less appealing for drinking and using with fresh food recipes. However, you'll never notice the difference when using it for cooked recipes.

That way,you can save your fresh milk for drinking and goat cheese making, or creating other delicious goat milk products!

Powdered or evaporated goat milk can also be used in some recipes. If the recipe calls for goat milk, reconstitute the powdered or evaporated milk as directed on the can, and use the amount given in the recipe.


Now, get ready to enjoy the mouth-watering taste of these excellent goat milk recipes!

Cajeta in bowl Cajeta

A delicious dessert caramel with Mexican origins, this recipe is easy to make &mdash and easy to make disappear!

Goat milk fudge chunks Goat Milk Fudge Recipe

Everybody loves fudge! Choose from chocolate pecan, peanut butter-maple or white fudge.

Flan loaf on plate Goat Milk Flan Recipe

This goat milk recipe uses three forms of goat milk to make a delightfully smooth flan with just the right touch of sweetness.

Cream pie shake made with goat milk Cream Pie Milkshake Recipe

Cold, sweet and delicious, this milkshake made with goat milk tastes like you're drinking a pie!

Mexican candy recipe Citrus Mexican Candy Recipe

Mexican candy with a sweet citrus flavor and crunchy pecans will be a hit with your family or friends.

Goat cheese souffle recipe Savory Goat Cheese Souffle Recipe

Surprise your family with an elegant goat cheese souffle that's easy to make. The combination of savory herbs, goat milk and delicious goat cheese makes this souffle a delightful addition to any meal.

Homemade goat milk ice cream Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Don't forget to view our collection of delicious homemade ice cream recipes. After all, there's no "cooler" dish than goat milk ice cream!

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