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Newly updated, and a whopping 214 pages long, the Everything Goat Milk Ebook v 2.0 is now available for FREE!

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Would you like to be able to

  • have a complete set of information on the benefits and uses of goat milk in one resource?
  • share this information with someone without an internet connection?
  • make a printed copy of some or all of the articles and recipes on this website?
  • go directly to the article of your choice through a convenient bookmark?
  • get FREE lifetime updates for your ebook?

Get the ebook!

Newly formatted, and with live links to web pages, the illustrated Ebook contains 214 pages of information on nutritional and health aspects of goat milk, cheesemaking, milk processing, skin care information, recipes and more!

And, you can have instant access to all this at no cost!

With the ebook, you can browse all the articles at your leisure, print individual articles, or print the entire book, place in a binder and use as a readily available reference.

The ebook comes in standard PDF format, which means that you'll be able to download and view it immediately, without any costly software. If you don't already have a PDF viewer, you can download the Foxit reader for free.

The ebook has a bookmark inserted for each article, so you can quickly go to the topic of your choice.

Navigate directly to an article through the bookmark list shown on the left!

With the Ebook, you get:

  • Detailed nutritional and health information about goat milk &mdash over 35 pages worth!

  • Articles that teach you how to process your own milk: from milking a goat, to straining and pasteurizing your milk and more.

  • Illustrated instructions for making 9 kinds of cheeses from goat milk.

  • Instructions for making butter, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, whipped cream and kefir.

  • Information on goat milk skin care products, including over half a dozen recipes for do-it-yourself facials.

  • Over 30 delicious recipes for using goat milk, cheese and yogurt.

  • ...and even more!

No more wasting time surfing the web when you need to know a detail about milk processing, or want to make a new goat cheese, or create a great dinner item &mdash this convenient Ebook has it all, with illustrations to help make sure each recipe or goat milk product you make comes out right.

Ebook page on how to make butter

Want More?

You'll also receive email notifications to receive FREE updated versions of the ebook as they become available. Your original purchase will return an even bigger value over time, as the ebook information continues to expand — with no further investment on your part!

I appreciate all the wonderful feedback that's been received from visitors in the past year, and hope this ebook will make the information provided even more useful.

Get the ebook!

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