Goat Cheese Dessert Recipes

A goat cheese dessert can make a memorable ending to a meal. Smooth, rich and satisfying, goat cheese will leave your family or friends savoring the taste of a delightful ending.

Goat Cheese-Filled Muffins

An easy way to dress up a common sweet is with goat cheese and your favorite muffin recipe.

Prepare the batter as directed (yes, a mix is perfectly acceptable, if you don't care to make "from-scratch" muffins).

Form pieces of goat cheese into balls about 1" in diameter. Put about 2/3 of the muffin batter in the pan. Put a ball of goat cheese on top of each muffin, and cover with the remaining batter. Bake as directed. Muffin batter with goat cheese center

Muffin batter in pan

The warm goat cheese center of these muffins gives a creamy surprise when your guests bite into them! And, you'll probably get even more surprised looks when you tell them what it is...
Blueberry muffin

Muffin half with goat cheese filling

On a separate page, you can see the recipe for Orange-Vanilla German Cheesecake Tarts that uses quark cheese to create a light, fluffy filling.

Quark German cheesecake tart with orange wedge

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