Frozen Yogurt Recipes Using Goat Milk Yogurt

Frozen yogurt, scooped from a bucket or as a soft-serve cone, has definitely captured the taste buds of ice-cream lovers everywhere. Many people simply love the extra flavorful "tang" that frozen yogurt offers over the more simplistic sweetness of pure ice cream. No one would dispute, however, that frozen yogurt has become one of the tastiest ways to cool off in the summer!

If you have a craving for this frozen delicacy, but can't find ready-to-eat goat milk yogurt in your grocery, don't panic! You can learn how to make yogurt from goat milk quickly and easily.

Since its entry into the popular market a few decades ago, frozen yogurt gained a reputation for being a "healthier" choice than ice cream.

Is that reputation deserved?

Frozen yogurt is always lower in fat than ice cream, and you can even find fat-free varieties. Low-fat isn't everything, though, and commercial frozen yogurt tends to be high in sugar and calories, so don't confuse "relatively healthy" with "low-calorie"!

The biggest advantage frozen yogurt has over ice cream is the probiotics--bacteria that aid digestion. These probiotics survive the freezing process in a dormant state, and are then reactivated when warmed by your body temperature.

So, try some homemade frozen goat milk yogurt with the delicious recipe below.
Homemade goat milk frozen yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Recipe: Nutty Pina Colada

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Frozen yogurt--all the deliciously sweet appeal of ice cream, with the smooth tangy taste of yogurt!

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