Fried Goat Cheese Recipes

Fried goat cheese on platter

Fried goat cheese, known as "chevre chaud" in France, is the ultimate in simplified elegance.

Also called by the terms, "warm goat cheese," or "hot goat cheese," this dish makes a fantastic appetizer, and is also the centerpiece of Warm Goat Cheese Salad.

As you bite into a piece of fried cheese, a crispy bread crumb coating gives way to creamy, warm goat cheese that fills your mouth with a delightful flavor.

Below are a few recipe ideas to get you started. This is one dish that is easy to experiment with your own additions and seasoning ideas.

Note: If you are using homemade chevre goat cheese, it will be better if you let it drain until it is fairly dry and crumbly, like most of the commercial chevre. That way, it will stick together better when you form the patties.

Basic Recipe

The basic recipe is simple. Mold small scoops of chevre goat cheese into patties. I prefer a size that's about 1 1/2" in diameter, but you can use smaller or larger as preferred. Dip each patty in a well-beaten egg, and then roll in bread crumbs.

I generally use Italian bread crumbs, because of the seasoning, but you can use plain, or add your own seasonings. I also sometimes add a little parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs for more flavor.

Frying goat cheese in a pan Fry in hot vegetable oil for a few seconds until the bread crumb coating has browned. Remove from the oil, and drain on a paper towel.

Transfer to a serving platter, and garnish, if desired.

Black Olive and Pimiento

(pictured at top of page)

Add 1/4 cup chopped black olives and a small jar (drained) of pimiento peppers to 6 oz. of chevre. Mix well, and continue with the directions for the basic recipe. Chevre goat cheese, black olives and pimiento peppers


If you love the fire of jalapenos, try adding about 1 Tbsp. (more or less to taste) finely diced fresh jalapeno to 6 oz. of chevre, and finish making as in the basic recipe.

Your Recipe

Once you've tried the plain fried goat cheese, or one of the recipes suggested here, your imagination is sure to start soaring! Add your favorite flavor combination to create an entirely new taste sensation, and be sure to share it here by submitting your recipe!

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Articles are updated frequently, so check back here for any new recipes for fried goat cheese!

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