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A cream separator is essential for producing cream from goat milk for making butter or other cream-based products.

Goat milk fat molecules are only 1/5 the size of cow's milk fat molecules, and goat milk does not contain agglutinin, which helps the fat molecules "clump" together. Because of this, you can't simply leave the milk for the cream to rise to the top, as you can with cow's milk.

Separators come in both manual (hand-crank) and electric models. The electric ones are, of course, more labor-saving, while the hand-crank models are more cost-saving. The choice is yours.

Separators are not inexpensive, so it pays to shop around for a good price. Ebay usually has listings for both new and used, electric and hand-crank models.

The products shown below are current real-time auction listings, so if you see something you like, just click on the link to read the description, and make a bid (or "Buy It Now").

Enjoy your fresh goat milk cream!

Articles are updated frequently, so check back here for any new recommendations for separators!

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