Goat Milk Products Coming Soon!

I'm very excited to announce that Everything Goat Milk will be adding a comprehensive line of top-quality goat milk products, beginning in just a few weeks, so that soon you'll be able to Shop Everything Goat Milk!

The first products are scheduled to be available online around September 1, 2009, with additional products added incrementally over the following weeks.

The full product line will eventually include:

  • goat milk nutritional supplements
  • goat milk skin care products
  • cheesemaking supplies
  • home milk processing supplies
  • goat milk and goat cheese products

I've always found it frustrating to read about a topic that sounds so interesting, and then not be able to locate products to try.

That's why, when I began this website, I truly wanted it to be about Everything Goat Milk &mdash and, that meant providing a way to try the products, along with having the best information possible.

The local availability of goat milk products varies widely. For example, where I live, it's fairly easy to find handmade goat milk soaps and fresh, raw milk. However, it's nearly impossible to locate commercial products, like the nutritional supplements and lotions.

And, for specialty products like home pasteurizers and cheesemaking supplies, online ordering is often the only option available for customers.

The product lines are being added incrementally, because I personally research and test the product quality and the supplier service before the products are offered.

I will only offer products at Everything Goat Milk that:

  • have outstanding reputations based on a wide customer base, or
  • that I have personally tested, and can recommend fully
  • have available suppliers that are reliable, have responsive customer support, competitive prices and do not engage in shipping gouging (marking up shipping charges to make up for a low advertised product price).

Of course, the real test is time! If any product or supplier fails to deliver the highest in standards, I will remove it, because my first concern is that visitors to Everything Goat Milk find only information and products that they can trust.

I hope you're as excited as I am about this new step! Be sure to check back soon to see the new product offerings. Of course, I will also continue to add new articles weekly, so even if you already have a product source you're happy with, come back to read the new information!

The online shopping debut will be announced a day in advance via the Everything Goat Milk blog and newsletter, so sign up for one or both today to know exactly when this new service is available.

Thanks for coming!