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Why goat milk? That's the question most people ask. And my answer?

Because I believe in it.

I'm a natural skeptic and life-long self-learner, and put these traits to good use as a professional researcher and associate professor for many years before leaving my university position to start a business with my husband.

Besides my "real" research job, my hobbies have always included research, too. Whatever the topic, I don't believe anything just because I see or hear it; I believe it when the facts leave no other alternative!

And, my research into goat milk made me a believer.

My experience with goat milk started in 2001, when I purchased two Nubian does. Of course, by the time I actually got them, I had already researched the best fence to have, the best feed combinations, how to milk them (it would be several months before I had to put that into practice), and other topics related to dairy goat farming.

Herd of Nubian dairy goats

Some of my original does.

And, as in other parts of life, some of the "book" knowledge was very helpful in real situations &mdash and, some was not! Nevertheless, I persevered, even through the first milking season when I had to get up at 4:30 am to get the milking and feeding done (I had seven does to milk by then) so that I could get the kids to school and myself to work by 8:00 am.

Now, I don't mind getting up early, but that was pushing it a little!

More than any other hobby, I've enjoyed raising dairy goats and creating delicious recipes with the milk. At the largest, my herd had 25 does and kids, and 2 bucks. Maintenance on a herd that size is nearly a full-time job, with worming, hoof-trimming, milking, and of course, fence mending to keep them from escaping and becoming coyote food.

Herd of Nubian dairy goats

The herd grows!

Despite the hard work and time commitment, I loved it all. The bonus was the never-ending supply of wonderful, fresh goat milk that the whole family loved &mdash especially when I made it into herbed chevre!

I experimented with numerous recipes and uses for goat milk, many of which you'll find on this website. And, it was only after we started drinking goat milk that I found out through research about all of its unique properties related to health.

I often remarked to friends that I wish I could find a way to earn a living from dairy goats and goat milk.

Yes, of course I researched it, but, the numbers never added up in my favor.

It seemed that even if I ran the farm ruthlessly as a business, which I could never do because I loved the goats too much, I would still do hardly better than break even.

Now, this website allows me to live out that dream &mdash just in a different manner.

I get the joy of living the "low-tech" lifestyle I love, the satisfaction of knowing that the information I provide helps people, and the benefits of using the most popular "high-tech" media &mdash the internet &mdash to reach those people and also provide an income for my family.

(Read more about my story of building this website and the incredible product I use that GUARANTEES your success with a website such as this one.)

I built this site to inform and educate visitors to the potential of goat milk for nutrition, health, and good taste, and to help dispel the groundless stories that goats are dirty and goat milk tastes "nasty."

There are so many aspects to goat milk: the nutritional qualities, handling and processing for those who buy locally, or own their own goats, making cultured dairy products, recipes for those products, supplies...well, you get the picture.

However, I could never locate any one website that had everything related to goat milk in one place.

Sure, you can find recipes at recipe sites, and there are a few sites that describe how to process your own milk or make cheese. But, you would have to go practically around the world (wide web, that is...) to find all the information you would need.

So, if you're interested in goat milk, and want to know about its properties and qualities, how to find it, why you should use it, how to cook with it and make cheese and other products, and learn insider tips that only a real goat milk enthusiast can give you &mdash you're at the right place!

This site already has more information about goat milk than I've found at just about any other &mdash but, there's much more to do!

I currently have close to one hundred additional pages planned, and I'm working full-time to get them up as soon as possible. So, check back frequently, because you're sure to find something new!

Or, you can subscribe to our blog or newsletter to keep up-to-date.

No, goat milk won't cure all the world's diseases, but it really is a remarkable food in terms of health benefits. And, notwithstanding the nutritional value, the world of goat cheeses and other products is nothing less than a taste of heaven!

Of course, as a natural skeptic, I would expect you to be skeptical, as well!

Do your own research. Browse around the site. Read the articles. Read other sites, too. But, most importantly...try it yourself!

Thanks for coming, and best wishes for a healthier, tastier life...with goat milk!

Maria Solo Build It!

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